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Our quoted insurance premiums rose 200% within a year and a half. Insurance is purchased to provide cost certainty, however if your rate can increases three-fold ask yourself if you think its worth it. Truepanion indicated that the cost of pet healthcare rose substantially and our premiums rose accordingly. Trupanion could not provide any data to support this argument.
Our orginal quote was for $43 month with no deductible. 18 months later it was $143...Their solution was to offer us a $1000 deductible. THIS IS NOT TERM INSURANCE WITH A FIXED PREMIUM. Premiums can rise at the convenience of Trupanion with no cap on increases.

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premium increased unexpectedly
Claim Amount
Under $100

Saint Bernard

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 07/08/2011
By: Stacy at Trupanion

Your feedback is welcomed and you are certainly justified in feeling the way that you do. Our premiums are priced based on the average pet of your situation, taking into account four factors: breed, age at enrollment, chosen deductible, and geographical location. For example, my dog’s premium is based on the average cost of a mixed-breed 3-year-old dog in Seattle with $0 deductible. When you see an increase in your premium, it is a reflection that the average pet like yours is experiencing many health issues. You would see the same change to your premium regardless of whether or not you filed claims. By our values, we do not punish a pet owner with higher rates just because they had an unlucky pet and filed lots of claims – this is not something for which the pet owner can plan. We are the only provider to over 90% actual coverage with no payout limits. This option has greatly benefited many pet owners and in order to keep offering this type of service, we must keep in line with the average cost of each pet by adjusting premiums accordingly. We do not arbitrarily inflate premiums. There is a process in which we must provide sufficient data to insurance departments to be approved that the updated premiums are fairly priced based on the cost of that pet. Inflation occurs and veterinary spending increases as technology advances, so we cannot promise a fixed premium for life. There are bound to be premium adjustments accordingly, however it is much less likely for such significant changes to occur in the future because adjustments will happen much more frequently. Because we now have a more solid book of business and claims history, we are able to provide sufficient information to each location’s department of insurance to keep premiums up to date regularly.
I hope this makes sense and encourage you to please give us a call if you have any other concerns as we’d be happy to discuss.