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I've had Trupanion for just over a year, and I received an email today saying that my premium was going to DOUBLE! I've never submitted a claim and am signed up for automatic deductions so I've never missed/been late with a payment. Their stated excuse is "Advancements in veterinary medicine continue to improve the quality and lengthen the life of our pets. As cutting-edge technologies and techniques become the standard of care, Trupanion is committed to making these new options available to our policyholders. As a result, a rate adjustment is planned." Whether or not it's just a coincidence that I've only been a member for a year or if they increase your rates after a year, I'm not the least bit happy about this. I would think that if their stated reason was the true reason for the increase that there would be a more gradual increase than the one I got. Needless to say, I don't trust them and think others should beware.

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Posted: 04/11/2012
By: Brian D

I am like the rest of you guys. I have had pet insurance for almost 2 years. I have (0) claims and my payments are all on time. from 35.91 to 56.36 is just too outrageous.I do not agree with this so they will be fired. I have lost my trust in them and will be shopping for insurance from another carrier.

Posted: 04/19/2011
By: Jared

What state do you reside in?

Posted: 04/20/2011
By: Stacy at Trupanion

I understand that the percentage may seem shocking, however if you compare our most recent rates with our competitors' rates, you will see that we are in the same ballpark for pricing. Because we cover 90% of the actual bill with no limits, we must adjust our rates to keep in line with the amount of animal health care being delivered. Premiums are based on the cost of the average pet of your situation (breed, age at enrollment, deductible chosen, and geographical location). If your premium increases, that is a sign of more health care being delivered and more claims being paid out for the average pet of your situation. Please feel free to call us if you’d like to adjust your deductible to get a lower premium. Here’s some more info about our pricing:

Posted: 05/02/2011
By: Corey

I live in CA, and just received a notice that my rates will more than double on 6/1/11. I have had the insurance for two years, and loved the company until now. I don't care what anyone says: more than doubling an insurance premius is outrageous (they could raise it again next year too). I am looking elsewhere.

Posted: 05/06/2011
By: April Carr

Thanks for this review! I knew they seemed to good to be true when I was doing my research and they seemed to be the only ones out there that don't raise premiums annually as your pet ages, seems they have found a way to skirt around doing the same thing! Ugh :(

Posted: 05/25/2011
By: Dorey

I have been with Trupanion for 11 mo. I enrolled my dog when she was less than 1 yr old, she had already been spayed, and was micro-chipped I was paying under $34 per mo. Today I received an email notice that like the others listed here that my premium would be going up to $55.16 per mo. unless I changed my deductible to $500, to keep my premiums nearly the same! I was outraged! I have paid my premiums, which like the others were EFT auto payments from my checking account, so no late payments. I have never submitted one claim and they thank me for my business by nearly doubling my premium.
As far as the canned statement they provided me on the phone regarding costs and technology blah, blah, I DID find another company (PetPlan silver plan) that offered more coverage, $100 ded. and a price like I was paying. I am very disappointed in Trupanion due to this unfair practice of price gouging. From the other reviews, it appears it is their common practice even though their letter says no price increases in 2008. Tell that to the others listed on this site.

Posted: 05/25/2011
By: Rae

I received the rate increase email today (5/25/11). My rates are also doubling! The email I received gave the same excuse for the increase, however it also said that there hasn't been an increase since 2008. Odd, especially since I did some research and found others on the web complaining about rate increases back in 2010. It seems a little dishonest to me that they can "hook" you with one price in the beginning, and then double it a year later. For those who have had their rates double, I'm curious to know the following: how long you had the insurance before it doubled, the effective date of the new increase, how old was your pet when it doubled, did you have any claims?

Posted: 05/27/2011
By: Mike

I'm pretty sure the advertising at the time I purchased stated rates do not increase with age. The only increase would be associated with an increase in costs of care in my area. I.E. the vet started charging more which is understandable. Now you guys are back peddeling this is not good at all.

Can't say I'm surprised though all insurance companies eventually go here. When your talking $100 per month *12 is $1200/year, average life of a pet is 10 years turns in $12k in insurance premiums and this is before any co-pay or deducatbles is applied.

These insurance policies turns into a high interest loan instead of an insurance policy and is only helpful to those who can't afford to pay at once and need the payments stretched out. Which most vets have plans to stretch payments out at a much lower interest rate. Kinda bumbed to see this company goe this route.

Posted: 06/28/2011
By: Mike

I'm the original first person to reply. I just recieved my letter today. My rate is going from $38/month to $94/month.
I'm the same as the others auto pay and had the insurance since my dog was 3 months old. My dog is now 1 year 3 months. So this rate hike seems to occur one year after getting the insurance.

Posted: 07/26/2011
By: Sharlene

I have had Pets Best for my dogs for several years. I have a 13 year old samoyed who has been in the vet a few times for this and that. Her renewal this year went up $12. I think that is very affordable. I know they pay 90% but the premiums will outweigh any 90% they pay. Seems to be they have a "standard" answer for all. I definitely will not seek their policies..

Posted: 08/04/2015
By: Sarah

I use trupanion and this year my rates went up by 20% which is the max they are allowed to do each year. However they won't provide anything to hold them accountable to prove they have just cause to raise the according to their requirements so they really could hike it by 20% each year if they want.
You can contact your states insurance board to have them evaluate if they are being fair. This is the place they have to provide their info.

Posted: 01/07/2017
By: Roger

Wow. Looks like Trupanion isn't the way to go. I just was informed of a 22% increase in my policy. 66.00 t0 79.00 per month. So long Trupanion