Beware of Trupanion Pet Insurance. Bait and Switch

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I purchased Trupanion Pet Insurance after asking a list of questions..One was, Will Rates Increase when my pet ages? I was assured by the Trupanion that rates would never increase as my pet ages. They might have minor rate increases for all members of only 5% every year or two. Not more than that she assured me.

Less than a year later Trupanion increased my rates 25%. I called Trupanion that said only people with aging pets would get rate hikes like 25% but many other members did not receive this rate hike. I am angry as Trupanion outright lied to me.

Now I have been searching with the words Trupanion Complaints, and there are many Trupanion Pet Insurance Complaints. Trupanion is doing the classic Bait and Switch.

Sign on a new pet owner, then when the pet ages a year, raise the rates either 25,50, 75,100, 200% and lie to the pet consumer that the Insurance Board which is paid off by Insurance Lobbyists from corporate greed to increase your insurance rate at any amount they wish, has looked at each and every pet, and lie that vet bills have increased either 25% to 200% because your pet has aged a year. Regardless of how healthy your pet is. The Trupanion Sales Agent do not tell you this when you call, or email them. And it does not state this on their Trupanion website.

Beware of buying Trupanion Pet Insurance. The rate is only good for about a year, then they Bait and Switch and will increase your rates 25% to 200% as I have read on numerous complaints when

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Posted: 10/21/2011
By: Stacy at Trupanion

We appreciate your review and feedback. I do apologize for the shock of the change in your premium. We are currently in the process of bringing premiums up to date, some of which had not been updated in nearly 4 years. As we gather more claims data, we can more accurately determine the average cost of "your pet" based on all like pets of your situation including breed, age at enrollment, chosen deductible, and geographical location.The purpose of stating that premiums do not increase based on filing claims or age is to emphasize that we do not penalize pet owners with higher premiums for having unlucky pets, or for their pets having a birthday.
We are the only pet insurance provider to offer 90% coverage and no limits whatsoever so we must adjust premiums based on the average cost of your pet in order to keep offering such liberal coverage. On average, we pay out about 70 cents (versus the industry average of 50-55 cents) in claims for every dollar received in premiums so when you see an increase to your premium, it is a sign that the average pet like yours is receiving more health care.
I encourage you to learn more about our pricing here:

Posted: 10/29/2011
By: Ron

It's like you say, it *is* bait and switch...
All you have to do is go to their website right now, and get a "quote" for your pet. In my case, when I enter in the exact details of my current pet and get the exact same policy, I get a quote that is nearly $10 less/mo than I'm paying after their big increase!

That is *really* sleazy business practice.

Posted: 11/09/2011
By: Michael

I agree with the above costumer. The main issue with Trupanion is how they increase the premiums.
One of their comparison examples of why to use Trupanion is:
“No, Trupanion does not penalize the pet owner with age related increases. Premiums may periodically change to reflect the cost of veterinary care in your region, but rates will never be increased due to the aging of your pet or for filing claims. ”

Which is compared to: “Pets Best
Yes, monthly premiums will increase each year as pet ages.

* Age 1 — $34.45
* Age 2 — $34.77
* Age 6 — $38.71
* Age 10 — $43.63
* Age 14 — $48.55″

My Trupanion premium just increased 151% (~$33 to ~$50) after 1 year of insuring my dog and not once submitting a claim. I would take the increases from Pets Best any day compared to random and significant increases by Trupanion.

Posted: 11/20/2011
By: Seeh2o

I have to agree with Michael and the OP, it does feel like Bait and Switch. My dog's premium went up 33% and my other dog's is set to do the same early next year.
Stacy @ Trupanion - Any double digit increase to your customers is unacceptable. It's not our fault that it took you four years to update your premiums. On the backs of our pets. Shame on Trupanion.

Posted: 01/02/2013
By: Curious

I have one question after reading several complaints about rate increases: Do the rate quotes now offered on Trupanion's Website reflect current rates or are they still quoting rates similar to those offered before the increases? If they are using increased rates in their quotes, I will give them the benefit of the doubt. If they are continuously quoting low and then increasing rates, I'd consider that dishonest and look elsewhere. I have no basis for comparison since I just started looking.

Posted: 02/21/2015
By: Jess

I have been with Trupanion for just about five years. I signed up with them out of my vets recommendation and because I had lost my last dog due to sudden medical issues. I was fine with the rates then, and assumed rate increases would reflect similar insurance companies. I had registered my puppy at 8 weeks and my one year old at the same time with a deductible of 500. My rate for them both was just under 60. I have filed one claim for each dog in the past five years and only one of those exceeded my deductible. A month after each file, my rate went up. You can't tell me you do not penalize the ones who file if it is that soon after. My rates now are double what I originally signed up for. I find it hardly fair that my rate has increased so much even in a five year span when I know rates for medical care in my area have not gone up. You guys say that you have a system of figuring out rate increases, how about show the statistics when you send me a notice of change to my rates? Give me some options if I do not wish to have my rates higher (choosing to opt out of coverages) or change your renewal system? House insurance sends me a quote of increases. I then agree to it, or not. Autorenewal isn't fair.

Posted: 08/05/2015
By: Brooke

In Trupanion policy guide they state "This annual adjustment will never exceed 20% in any given year." We had increase from $30.34 to $49.91! I called and inquired and they said, oh thats our policy for everywhere but New York. There is nothing in their policy guide that states there is an exception for New York. We have a young healthy cat, we have never filed a claim. This rate hike is outrageous. How can you trust a company to be there when your pet is in need, when they don't follow their own rules.

Posted: 01/16/2017
By: Lisa-Jane Phipps

I too am absolutely disgusted by how we as customers have been treated. We have been a customer for 7 years and fortunately have never had to file a claim. But our rate has increased from $38 to $45 and now in one jump to $53.00. They have backed us into a corner because they know that once your pet is of a certain age it will cost more insuring them with another insurance company. We purposely got pet insurance when he was young so that we wouldn't have to pay such high amount. We haven't even made any claims. This is utterly and purely disgusting. They are taking advantage and obviously don't care about the well-being of animals at all. I will be looking to file a formal complaint. The government needs to step in and make it illegal to up the rates by such a horrendous amount.

Posted: 03/28/2017
By: Mary-anne

I have just had my premium increase by 60% after 2 years of being insured . The rate increase occurred march
2017 . I am being told that Trupanion has been under pricing the premiums
For dogs 5 years and up and they are trying to even the playing
Field for younger pets . Quess what it is your error
And you should just be adjusting the pricing
Properly for new incoming dogs 5 years and up
Not penalizing your existing customers who you need ogled
At a lower premium than you should of .... this is your error
And you have no right to do the obscene raises in premiums
And try to justify to us. It appears that Trupanion , based on dates of
The above complaints hav been doing this for sometime now , and acting each time like their actuaries. Just discovered the error in pricing of dogs 5 years and up . It is simply unethical coming from on a company that purports to hav your pets best interest at heart . They could grandfather
Dogs that they enrolled earlier , to ensure that due to THEIR error
These dogs would not unfairly be revued these atrocious increases.

I will be posting my experience with Trupanion everywhere ( Facebook , twitter etc)
I can to ensure people to not unknowingly get trapped in a
Situation that I am in .... where if they move their dog to another
Insurance company nothing will be covered as they are now older , so I have no choice but to stay with stupidpanion and endure
Their apalling , obscene raises. I suggest you all do the same post your
Experience everywhere you can . Shame on you Trupanion !!!!!
For misleading & lying to people

Posted: 05/10/2017
By: Anne

Yes - beware of this pet insurance - they are a rip-off - my dog is only 6 years old, never has had any issues - I pay on time, hardly ever put in a claim and they just increased my premium 25% to $95/month. Totally unacceptable - if I had known that going in I never would have chosen them

Posted: 06/29/2017
By: Angela

CANCEL YOUR POLICY IMMEDIATELY/OR DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT DEALING WITH THIS SCAM COMPANY. I set up a policy for my small dog, was quoted 62/month. Also through the policy, email/correspondence and all--was advised no increases until he's later in life. He was a new puppy--perfect health--have filed no claims---and at 9 months into the policy they sent an increase of over 18%--stating that Toronto is now a merging market with new vet techniques coming in and they need to reflect that (what kind of idiots would listen to that). I called, and was advised that everyyear until he's 10 (he's barely 1 year)---i'll expect increments increases over 20%---so at the end of 10 years----ammortizing their rates---i could spend almost 50,000K on insurance. I've had numerous dogs over the past 55 years---those that needed medical attention/ops----never exceeded the costs this company wants to extort. I've cancelled----can you believe going from 60-0ver 85.month in 9 months on a policy for a puppy in perfect health (reg. with the CKC and AKC)----by the time he's 3---i'd be paying them 3500+ a year in insurance------operations/vet care and followup are less than that---and all vet. hospitals and specialist in Toronto will work with you to repay the cost of something serious (with no interest). This company is out to gouge money from the naive, and those who wish to throw money around unwisely. BE AWARE.

Posted: 07/08/2017
By: Horrified

Just got a notice that the monthly premiums will once again increase as of Aug.1, 2017. The costs have increased pretty well every year. This time the increase is 75%. This is outrageous!! Am reporting to Better Business Bureau.

Posted: 08/05/2017
By: Judy

I just got a notice that my Trupanion policy premium is increasing by over 60%! I am horrified and will be taking action.