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We have a collie that required various tests. She was stumbling, falling, walking like she was drunk or walking into things. It needed to be determined if she had a vision or a neurological problem. The AKC PetPartners Insurance paid for the Eye Specialist and that indicated we needed to have neurological consultation. That consult required an MRI as well as a Spinal Tap. The claim was over $2,000. I submitted to the insurance company and they paid the claim at my policy level (80%). AKC PetPartners offers multiple plans for you to choose from. I am very thankful to have this insurance for my dogs. Additionally I do need to say I noticed some reviews indicating problems downloading the claim forms, I have never encountered any problem downloading the claim forms. I have had this insurance for years and thankful that I do.

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Eye problem

Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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Posted: 10/05/2010
By: What a differe…

I cannot believe at one time the insurance was good and now it is so bad. My poor (other than the one I wrote about above)pup sadly passed away after 3 seperate hospitalization and this insurance company is trying to lump everything as ONE incident and not pay the claim as it should be for UNRELATED issues. I am grief stricken to say the least about the loss so unexpectedly of our 8 year old and to think they would pull this after YEARS of paying on this policy and I have FOUR policies with them. I am seriously considering moving to another insurance company. They are even excluding diagonistic at this time on the hospitalizations. I am appealing as we have the right to do. Who knows where it will end, yet to think at one time I thought this was so GREAT -- as great as what I thought it was is as HORRIBLE as I feel it is now. Explore your options.