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I had an AKC policy on my Aussie Shepherd for 5 years. I was outraged when my policy went up with this latest renewal to double the monthly amount resulting in an increase over $400 per year! I was not sent a notice of the renewal, and quetioned why it went up (when my payent was drafted from my account. My pet is healthy as only seen annually by the vet. I called and they told me the increase was "across the board for everybody". They are also slow in paying and their "reasonable" charges are lower than you can get treatment for. Watch out for these guys!

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Posted: 08/15/2010
By: Big Dog lover

My premium also doubled, for my older large breed dog. I was sent advance notice, but was shocked to see the price double. I inquired and was told that the underwriters required them to adjust how they rate. Previously there was no increase until age 11. That changed - now premium increases annually with age. Also, before there was no breed-specific (more for some breeds) cost. Now they are charging by the "size" of a dog, so larger "sizes" (a/k/a breeds) will cost more. While I understand the reasoning, the rates should have been slowly increased, or current clients given discounts. It is not easy to just change companies if there is a pre-existing condition.

Posted: 10/05/2010
By: Pup Lover

I have had the AKC insurance for years. Yes the price drastically increased and they resist paying on legitimate claims as my experience has been. I am not happy with the claims processing and currently checking into other insurances. I did contact Embrace and was amazed as to how professional and customer service oriented they are. When I call the AKC a lot of times the phone answers and music plays and a person does not come on the phone. Frustrating - especially when you are dealing with issues caussed by them as well. Don't know what happened to this insurance company -- thankfully other good ones are available.