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On August 1, 2017 my Bichon Frise, Cisco, darted out into the street in front of our house and was hit by a car. Four weeks earlier a friend and fellow dog owner had talked to me about the wisdom of getting pet insurance. Her rationale was “Nowdays, there is so much veterinary medical know-how to deal with accidents and illnesses for our pets – but it is expensive; probably more than most of our budgets allow.” This made sense to me and the next day I put in a couple of hours researching online, and decided to go with my friend’s company, Healthy Paws.
Boy, am I glad I did! If I had put this decision off for another month I would have had to put my healthy, happy
4 year old puppy down…for financial reasons! He needed 2 surgeries: one to repair his torn diaphragm and put his internal organs back in the right place, and one to implant a plate to repair a fractured pelvis. Today, not quite 3 weeks after the accident he is mending nicely! Healthy Paws reimbursed me 80% of my $10,000 vet bill (minus my annual deductible and the initial “office visit”), and they paid it within 7 days!
As I wrote to Healthy Paws that first week, “It is a little embarrassing to be so early in my relationship with you,
(I had only paid 1 premium!) and to be having to file a claim so soon. But I am so thankful for having the insurance and I am recommending Healthy Paws to everyone I know who owns a dog!”
So don’t delay. Buy your pet insurance today!

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