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Healthy Paws! You all need to know the sense of both relief and confidence you have infused into our decision to have our Choc Lab Duke, protected by Healthy Paws. He started favoring his right leg at about 6 months old after exercise or play times. Unfortunately like other large breeds, it was confirmed Elbow Dysplasia after x-rays and then seeing a Specialist. We thought we were going to be "poop" out of luck staring at another enormous bill... as it was over $3500, but we got most of that back from Healthy Paws!

See, we had been down this familiar road before with our previous forever dog... But your company restored our faith in how it should work. The claims approval we just received is just one example, not just because Duke was covered, but the expediency, sincere caring, and genuine efforts. You took care of business; yes, and with that, you take care of us and our lil' cool dude, Duke.

And we talk from experience, due to how a Very Silly Pet insurance company did NOT have our backs not long ago for a different forever lab who had similar medical issues, and that company didn't possess any of your attributes, let alone coverage or an attitude of care. In fact, we got zilch, squat, nada. Just premiums to pay with them.

Thankfully we did our diligence this time around from this very Pet Insurance review website and bought Duke's Healthy Paws policy as soon as we got him - guess it pays to commit early.

Realizing that sincere care of pet & your customers starts at the top of your organization but it gets reinforced from the rest of the team (Melissa, Haley and others in customer service/claims, bean counting, sales, marketing, education, custodians, receptionists... who may never get attention...)
and it completes the circle and galvanizes. Hmm... like a good pack? :)

My wife and I humbly thank you for your spirit of pet care and Duke especially thanks you as he's on the road to recovery with his fashionable leg wraps and cone collar! He's being pretty tough, the word "Ouch!"isn't in his "bark"cabulary.

With sincere gratitude,
Mark, Carol... & Duke 🐶

p.s. (We just got the reimbursement check! Less than a week after his surgery? wow, just wow. Sign us up as clients for life!)

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Elbow Dysplasia
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
Under a year

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