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After many years of having my dogs enrolled in another top rated pet insurance company and getting two new pets this year, I decided to look around for another carrier. I wasn't really happy with the insurance I had as the return on the claim wasn't which and was very disappointing. In February I enrolled my first dog and in April the second. It was unfortunate that a few weeks ago our Italian Greyhound puppy jumped off the couch and broke his leg playing. I felt confident that most of what I had to spend would be covered as it was over $6000. To my surprise after about a week and a half later my claim was completed and most of my money was being reimbursed. It gave me a feeling of relief that most of it was covered. Many companies claim so much and one has to carefully read the fine lines of what is written in their policy to ensure their return will meet their expectations.
Then about a week later from when the claim was completed, I received an email from customer service asking how my dog was progressing which really blew me away to see someone took the time to put a personal touch of caring into an email. Something that my other insurance company has never done. I thank them for that.

One thing I only wish any pet insurance company would do is to pay directly to the hospital and send the balance to the client as they do with human medicine. If one can't use a credit card to pay for the services at the time, then one would need to pay the full amount upfront which is still a financial burden. Isn't this also why we should have insurance ? It would be great to have veterinary medicine work along with the pet insurance companies on this issue. Just my thoughts. Thank you Healthy Paws !

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Broken leg
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Italian Greyhound

Age of Pet
Under a year

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