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This insurance is the terrible! The "Chief Underwriter" is not licensed as a veterinary tech. in Florida and yet is handling claims on behalf of either American Southern Home Insurance Company or American Modern Home Ins. with virtually no veterinary training. She belongs to an association but will not tell me the training she received and for all I know, membership only required paying a membership fee. She has disregarded the veterinary surgeon's opinion on whether my dog's left hip injury was related to a prior right hip injury which occurred 2 1/2 ago, and without any background in veterinary medicine or review by a veterinarian has decided to deny the claim. These people are bad news and USAA should be ashamed that they refer their pet insurance to these unskilled and combative insurance adjusters! I'm cancelling all pet insurance for 12 animals with them immediately and going with Trupanion and I would suggest everyone else do the same, before Jenna Mahan the "Chief Underwriter" for Embrace denies your claim without justification.Harriet Lewis-Mooney

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Luxation of Left hip
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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