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I got my beagle Bailey in April 2013. Beagles are hearty and healthy dogs, so I felt I didn’t need to purchase insurance for him. One day he was kind of off, so I took him to my vet. They gave him some meds and I took him home. He was still off, drooling and very stand off-ish. Normally he wants to be by your side, but he was paranoid. So, it was too late to go back to my vet, so I went to urgent care and he ended up spending the night. Well, after that night and that bill, I decided that I might need to purchase pet insurance. I looked at what was around and what my fellow dog park friends had and decided to go with Healthy Paws. The site is easy to use and it was easy to sign up. Of course as you know, once you buy insurance you never need it. I even got a second beagle and put on her on the insurance plan. Years have gone by and I’m still paying their monthly insurance fees. Occasionally the rates go up and I continue to pay the increased fee. However, this last time it went up, I decided to reduce my coverage because I’m paying for two beagles and my pups are solid. a pet is a huge responsibility, but also a very Well, in July my older Beagle Bailey somehow hurt himself after the dogpark. I didn’t know how this could be because he’s always sitting with people getting petted and occasionally runs around. He was slow going up our stairs and couldn’t jump up on the couch. When I picked him up, he would yelp. I took him to my vet the next day and he was prescribed some meds and had to take it easy. After a week of rest, he was going up the stairs by himself and could even jump up onto the couch. This was great and back to the dogpark we went. Not a good idea, because he was hurt again. So, I contacted my vet, got new pills and strict rest for him. He wasn’t getting better and had pain in his lower back, which my vet thought might be a slipped disc. We got an appointment to see a neurologist where we can get an MRI done. Our options were limited, take him off and 4 weeks of crate rest and it may or may not get better. If you do this and it doesn’t get better then he’ll need surgery and then another 4 weeks of crate rest. Otherwise, do the surgery and 4 weeks of crate rest. My options were limited and Bailey stared at me and with those expressive brown eyes was telling me he was going to be fine and we should just go home. I on the other-hand being the adult wanted what was best for him and having pet insurance, the decision was not a difficult one.

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