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I put a lot of time and effort into researching a reputable "Show Breeder" when searching for a pup a year ago. Five months on a waiting list, then another 10 weeks waiting for shots and records to clear, I finally picked up my Black Miniature Schnauzer "Giuseppe" from his Show Breeder, 200+ miles from my home. I was blessed; Blessed with an angel. That day, while he was napping, I opened a policy with Healthy Paws. I didn't think anything major would happen (I spent so much time and energy researching a super reputable breeder in hopes that his health would be "Top Notch" as well as paying a hefty penny for his fuzzy butt), but *just in case* I wanted to be covered.
Little did I know...

Truth is; it doesn't matter how much research you do; every pup is a crap-shoot. I got an uber delicate one.

He started experiencing severe anxiety almost immediately. General anxiety, anxiety to sounds, and separation anxiety. When Giuseppe gets too "unsettled", his gastric system gets upset for days and a typical 'over-the-counter' medicine won't calm it down. It requires a vet visit and it requires an antibiotic for 3-5 days each time. Metronidazole (his antibiotic) is very expensive when dispensed, and when you've got a pup that has a belly issue so severe that he needs metronidazole dispensed every few months, the cost adds up. Healthy Paws always had my back. All I needed to do was take care of the exam fees; any extra testing (which has happened a few times, as his symptoms have varied numerous times) were all handled by Healthy Paws.

Four weeks ago, Giuseppe got sick again, but he wasn't getting better. Wouldn't drink, wouldn't move; limp and I could sense his dehydration. Before I knew it, my 10 month pup spent 8 days in an Emergency Vet with IV bags attached to his fuzzy legs. Gastroenteritis and Pancreatitis. The total bill was insane; Almost $4,500!!

Emergency Vets give you estimates BEFORE they admit your pet in for care. They do this because people usually (1) need to find the money to put down the deposit that they had no idea they'd ever have to drop down (2) apply for financing first (3) can't afford the services and walk out with an injured animal (4) start asking how much it is to euthanize their animal (because that may be cheaper).

Healthy Paws was my "Safety Net". Did it feel "Great" to drop the $4,500 in eight days? No. But it stung way less knowing that I was going to get a MASSIVE amount of that money bac

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