Blind Shot

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Embrace or who ever this insurance company is, hides behind a curtain waiting to hide behind assumptions that would allow them to deny a claim or worse yet, know they will not cover your pet for an exclusion. You buy the policy and pay for a premium that you assume will cover your pet for all accidents, or an illness. The company then contacts your Vets for your pets history which is a good practice. They discover that they will not cover one or more illness or accidents but NEVER SEND AN ADDENDUM TO THE ORIGINAL POLICY AND PROVIDE YOU WITH A LOWER RATE SINCE THEY WILL NOT COVER SOME ISSUES. They wait until you run up a Vet bill then let you know there was a prior exemption and will not cover the bill. I wonder what would happen if the owner cannot afford the bill but in good faith feel they are covered with this so called insurance. Last but not least they place themselves as knowing more about your pet and issues then a Vet Specialist. Beware and think about your way of seeking justice and putting an end to this salient way to be more profitable.

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Accident which displaced leg bone from hip
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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