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I would like to thank Healthy Paws so much for their PERSONAL touch. Not only were they willing to work with me and California Veterinary Specialist on payment arrangements, but my wonderful Healthy Paws representative, Nicky called me to ask how my furbaby was doing. Now who would have ever thought you'd have that through an insurance co. It made me realize that these are just not employees working for the company, but they are employees who understand how hard it is to go through anything with your loved pet. They had commitment, professionalism, but most of all, they had HEART!Kai was in the hospital for many days and had to go through radiation treatments and anesthesia but after all the love and care from CVS, she is doing GREAT! She couldn't be doing better. She's going up and down the stairs with no problem, chasing the ball, and getting back to her old self. Hopefully we can get her steroids down so she’s not wanting to eat everything in site.
Again thank you for the life you saved and making me one happy "mommy." I will forever be grateful for all the doctors and staff at California Veterinary Specialists, and to Healthy Paws Insurance for helping me through this. I am spreading the word on these two places to all the pet owners I know. God forbid that you’ll ever have to call on either of these places, but if you do, there are no two better places for your pet to be connected with than these two.

A Big Sincere Thank You from the bottom of our hearts

Linda and Kai

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