VERY happy I decided to insure with EMBRACE

Out of 10

I have an aging dachshund. I got the policy several years ago before back problems started, anticipating they may occur. Well, sadly they have. In December my girl blew a disk and needed surgery. That was about 7500.00. (Mostly covered less deductible etc.) It was reimbursed within a couple of weeks after I got the correct notes to them (it took longer for me to get the notes from the vet than for EMBRACE to reimburse.) Our new year starts in March. Unfortunately, in April, she blew another disk and needed another surgery for about 6500.00 Again, since a new year had started it was mostly covered and there was rapid reimbursement by direct deposit into my account. I have NO complaints. I was nervous submitting the claims as I anticipated as they were pretty large that attempts would be made to deny. But it was easy and straightforward.

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Over $1000


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Over 8 years

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