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Our dog, Goldi, has lived up to her name. We adopted her when she was 4. Early on she got bit by a rattlesnake. That cost us a pretty penny because we did not have insurance. A friend recommended PetPlan so we got it just in case this happened again. Fortunately, she hasn't been bitten by a rattlesnake since but that could be because she has had so many health issues that have kept her indoors.
Let's start with the hematoma on her ear caused by allergies and shaking her head so much. That was followed by a torn ACL. that kept her in a crate for a very long time. Once she was healing from that, her leg fractured. It was the same leg she had surgery on and we are not sure what happened but we believe it was a result of the plate in her leg.
It took a long time for the fracture to heal. Goldi was living in her crate and going to the vet weekly to replace the cast. Sometimes she walked right out of the cast and we would return to get another cast. After quite some time dealing with this and the fracture not healing as well as we hoped, we had to make a decision to do anther surgery or stop treatment completely. We opted for the second choice.
Goldi was so much happier not going to the vet every week for sedation and a cast. We kept her in her crate and, with time, we started taking her on short walks to strengthen the bone. I am happy to report that she is doing fine and she no longer lives in a crate.
Just when we were beginning to think we would have a year without any major vet bills, Goldi got Cushings disease. Although we have been treating the condition, it has advanced into calcinosis cutis which is a severe skin condition that basically looks like her entire back is one big scab. It is dangerous because it leaves her vulnerable to infection.
Thanks to PetPlan, we have been able to give Goldi the care she needs. We would have had to take out loans otherwise and that is not an exaggeration. We would do what it takes to keep her healthy and comfortable at the young age of 9.

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Ear Problem

Skin problem

Torn ACL and fracture
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