Terrible experience with Petplan

Out of 10

The pre-existing clause is very sneaky. My cat had diarrhea 11 months before this visit. Diarrhea is symptom of an illness - Not the Diagnosis itself. The stool specimen tested negative at that time. A switch to a different food worked. Then as noted, 11 months later another episode of diarrhea. This time the cat had contracted Tritrichomonis Foetus. (a parasite) So a different illness completely. Petplan states the diarrhea is pre-existing - so would not pay the claim. Horrible.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Maine Coon

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 07/12/2017
By: Gary S

You may want to file an appeal by phone with them. I had a similar problem that was labeled as a pre-existing dental condition. After review, they paid the claim fairly. Other claims I have filed have gone smoothly so you may want to call them to try to work things out. I'd say there's a decent chance that they will reconsider.

Posted: 07/13/2017
By: Keyai, Petplan…

Hi Rhonda, I understand why you would be frustrated with the recent experience you had regarding the claim that you recently submitted. I would like to recommend you have your policy underwritten so we can share with you what will not be covered going forward. Please email us at socialmedia@gopetplan.com so I may have a Petplan team member assist you.