Pets Plus Us Helped Save my Cats Life!

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Pets Plus Us is the best! I am a first time cat owner and my wife convinced me to get pet insurance, after researching our options we chose Pets Plus Us, I sure am thankful I did.
I was not aware of how sick a cat could get. I woke up one morning to my little guy crying in pain and not letting us anywhere near him. We rushed him to emergency vet where I found out he was blocked and could not urinate. He stayed in emergency for 5 days and they ran blood work and urinalysis frequently throughout the stay.

Pets Plus Us covered the emergency fees, all the tests, his hospital stay and all the follow up care. They even cover some of his special food he is now on for life, now that is sweet!

Thanks to them I did not have to limit the amount of time Loki could stay in hospital to save some money. The whole ordeal cost us over $4000 and Pets Plus Us reimbursed us promptly, no questions asked!

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Urine Blockage
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 07/07/2017
By: Eric Coulson, …

Hi Jon, Thank you for your comments and your review. We are glad we could assist with Loki's cost of unexpected care and that he has fully recovered. Your wife provided some good advice to invest in Loki's health and purchase coverage with Pets Plus Us (maybe you should listen to her more often, lol!). If you need any assistance in the future you can reach me directly at or my direct line (905) 247-5403. Thank you for your support of Pets Plus Us. Paws Up!, Eric