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My beagle has severe stomach problems in August 2016. He was vomiting uncontrollably and having diarrhea. In a two-week span we had to take him to his regular vet 3 times, and the ER vet five times, which eventually included a two-night stay and surgery. With each visit, they gave us an estimate of how much the visit would cost total. They would give you the option of what kind of tests to have them conduct. Because I knew I had PetPlan pet insurance, I was able to have them conduct all tests, because I knew I would be covered. What could have been $3000+ out of our pocket, ended up only being about $1000. I highly recommend for anyone to get pet insurance. PetPlan was so easy to work with. They have an app that makes making claims so easy, and they are so quick to get you your money back.

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Over $1000


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1 - 8

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