Embrace helped save my dogs precious life

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I still have my lovely golden retriever to love and we are not in debt up to our ears because of it. I tell every dog and cat lover I talk to " get pet insurance, use embrace!" They are so thankful to hear it. Our golden had brain tumors. I did have to drive her two states away for radiation treatments in California but due to it being covered I could afford to. What a relief knowing embrace had our backs during this very difficult time. It is now 5 months later, they paid for all medicine she required which she is now weaning off and she is doing really well. Then found out our rescue German shepherd has bilateral elbow dysplasia, which no surprise embrace paid to diagnose and paying for paying medicine. He is doing so much better, our part will be to reduce his weight which we are doing. Get embrace pet insurance, you won't be sorry. I have had a few hick ups with a few people I talked to there making me second guess using them, but it was always resolved by reaching out to them

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Golden Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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