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Healthy Paws saved me from a major financial set back. The coverage they provide allows me to continue affording medical care for my baby.
A little over two weeks ago, I got home from work one evening, and found my baby, Luka, a one year old Briard, extremely lethargic and barely breathing. I rushed him to Blue Pearl Emergency, where they worked on him immediately and were able to stabilize him. The following morning, I was notified that Luka needed to go into emergency surgery. Surgery never entered my mind and I completely lost it. I was overwhelmed with fear for my baby; stressed out beyond words about whether he will survive not to mention equally stressed out about the cost of this unexpected surgery, and how many days he will be in the hospital following surgery.

Luka survived the surgery and was in the hospital for several days. The cost was several thousand dollars. Still unsure what Healthy Paws would cover, I continued to stress about my finances.

End result! Healthy Paws came through with flying colors!!!! They covered EVERYTHING!!! When I received my EOB and saw that they covered everything, I literally broke down in tears. I was ecstatic beyond words and very thankful. They also processed my claim in less than 7 days.

The monthly premiums I pay are extremely reasonable and well worth it. Luka still needs medical attention and I am very comforted in knowing that Healthy Paws is there for me and to make sure I can continue to afford getting the medical tests and treatment Luka needs.

Without Healthy Paws, I would not be able to financially continue getting Luka tested to try and identify the underlying cause of his condition (which we are currently going through), as such, his life would end at such a young age.


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Still testing underlying cause, but it's related to his digestive system.
Claim Amount
Over $1000


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1 - 8

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