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I absolutely love Healthy Paws. I heard about the company from someone at the dog park, and ever since, for just under $40 a month my dog has been covered. Especially as a grad student, their help in times when my dog got really sick was invaluable. $1200 vet bills from an upset stomach turned into $112, with the $100 annual deductible and 10% copay. When my dog was hit by a car, I was out of my mind upset but at least I could confidently agree to every life-saving measure, irregardless of cost, because Healthy Paws paid 90% of the bill. Their claims processing is insanely quickly (I always get the reimbursement checks within a week of submitting) and they occasionally follow-up on my dog's health with a kind email too. The peace of mind and the substantial help they've already provided me is well worth the cost of another internet bill each month.
They don't cover exam fees, any specialty food (I.e prescription food after an upset stomach), gland expression (which became a recurring problem after my dog was hit by a car), or more than one foreign object ingestion per year. But looking at other competitors, these were common in all policies, and I'm truly convinced Healthy Paws is the best out there.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Labrador Mix

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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