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My dog Moose is a year old. Unfortunately for Moose, he developed a painful mass, in the matter of a day or two, on his thigh and had to seek medical attention from his veterinarian. This had been the first time Moose has ever needed emergency medical attention! Thankfully, the mass was benign and was successfully treated with use of medications and home observation. As Moose began to heal, I began to file my very first claim with Petplan. I spoke with a very helpful representative and was given all the information on how to file a claim "properly". After filing all the documentation requested by Petplan, I was contacted by a representative concerning there being "missing documentation" in which was needed for the claim to be assessed. I quickly contacted my veterinarian and began to resolve the issue. After speaking with the animal hospital, I learned that the "missing documentation" that Petplan said they never received had actually been received all along with the rest of the claim. This mistake unfortunately occurred on more than one occasion. A week passes and I receive multiple notifications rejecting my claim for varying justifications, one of which actually being that the claim was thought to be "wellness visit" and not a medical emergency. I once again began the steps of needing to resubmit documentation and have the claim reevaluated as a medical illness instead of a wellness visit (another week). An additional week passes and, yet again, I am contacted by a representative who informs me that Petplan is in need of "additional documentation" to asses the claim. The documentation in which was being requested by Petplan were physician notes in which the veterinarian clearly stated Moose "not having a painful mass when first examined, as a puppy, one year prior. It has now been weeks since initially filing the claim and I begin to lose hope in being reimbursed for Moose's medical expenses. To my surprise, I am finally contacted by a Petplan representative and informed my claim had been evaluated and was approved for reimbursement! This wonderful reimbursement however would only be about 30% of the total cost (my policy is for an 80% reimbursement on claims). The representative continues to inform me that Moose had apparently gotten sick at a bad time. Moose's painful mass unfortunately developed while my policy renewed itself resulting in the 80% reimbursement not being applicable for the new policy year. I guess I need to have Moose learn to get sic

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Skin problem


development of unknown mass
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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