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My Greyhound initially went in for a broken leg last year. March 2014. He was in an external fixator for seven months, followed by Osteo bone cancer and needed his leg amputated. Following amputatiom he has been on chemo and is ongoing.
Throughout this entire procedure, Trupanion has been excellent and has gone beyond my expectations. They have helped make a horrible situation better by providing us excellent service, compassion and handling everything in an extremely timely manner.

I submit them a claim via email as within the same day or following day they responded with an apology and that they are working on the claim. Then by the following day they send me another email saying the check is on its way! From the time I submit my claim to receipt of check it's usually within one week, quite unbelievable! Also since this is continuing claim even though a year prior I have only had to pay my deductible upon the original injury and then 10% of each claim.

I have been going to an animal specialty hospital since March 2014, sometimes three times a week and for the first seven months between two and three times a week and now going once a month. I've met so many people and heard about their financial problems concerning their pets injuries and it's amazing to me how many of them do not know about pet insurance or have had bad experiences with it. Trupanion I have spread the word and spoken very highly of you so out of your kindness and generosity , I hope more of these people come to you so they can afford to take care of their beloved pets. Words cannot thank you enough

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Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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