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One evening recently, one of my cats, Spanky, jumped into my lap for his usual snuggle. When he got down a few minutes later, I noticed there was blood on my shirt, which was rather alarming. I checked him out and found a big laceration on his left hind leg. With the help of my daughter we stabilized the injury and I brought him to my vet the next morning. The consensus was that he may have slipped while climbing on a rock wall outside (no doubt while engaged in his favorite activity - hunting mice)and gotten his leg caught. He required stitches, bandaging and antibiotics, and we had several follow up visits. When all was done, my vet's receptionist submitted the claim with all the requirements - vet notes and 2 years of medical history - and the claim was paid within 2 weeks.
I used to have different insurance and Spanky has a history of getting into trouble. I figure he has used up 6 of his lives, naughty kitty! With his last major injury, the total bill came to over $7,000 but I only got about $3,000 back. That's when I switched to PetPlan. My policy covers 90% of the bill after a $100 deductible and that makes such a difference, rather than the insurance company deciding what's fair and reasonable, because costs vary so much across the country. While I'd prefer it if Spanky would be a bit more careful, it's very comforting to know that his claims will be covered if he should continue to be such a reckless adventurer.

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laceration on leg
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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