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I got a female toy Poodle, Puppylove, and when she was about 1 yr old I got a male toy poodle, Teddybear, to keep her company. They were 1 yr apart. When Teddy was about 4 he had to have knee surgery. I didn't know about pet insurance so it cost me about $3000. When Teddy died at age 14 I was heartbroken and so was Pup. I got female Bichon/Shih Tzu named Bailey to keep Pup company about a year after that. Pup was so depressed without Teddy. It took a couple months but Pup finally came back to her old self and she and Bailey got along great. When I got Bailey I found out about pet insurance and decided to check them out. I was impressed with the coverage offered by Pet Plan and decided to go with them.
Pup was 15 then and too old to get insurance on but Bailey was 8 weeks old and got covered right away. I renewed every year and always wondered if I should keep it or not but I did.
Well, my Puppylove live to age 18 and finally I had to put her down, she was blind in one eye and loosing sight in the other and had a seizure the vet recommended I let her go. It would be very expensive for treatments and she would not get better. I could hardly pay for the bill I got from the Emergency Hospital just for checking her out and telling me they would keep her overnight but she probably would not make it till morning. The bill would have be outrageous. I took her home and called my vet who was closing for the day. They recommended I call Aloha Pet and Bird Hospital. I contacted them and they said bring her right in. We went and they were great, gave me time to sit with Pup and say goodbye. They sent me a beautiful card with a poem and pin ( a doggie angel ) to remember her. They called me a few days later to see if I was ok. They were wonderful.
Here we are 3 years later and Bailey now has to have knee surgery. So of course I took her to Aloha Pet and Bird Hospital to see Dr. Christiansen the surgeon. He gave me a paper and I was very surprised at estimated total for the tests, X-rays, medicine, office visits, etc. It was going to be about $5500.
I called Pet Plan to check if Bailey would be covered for the surgery and I was so relieved when they said yes she was covered.
Pet Plan paid her claim with no problem, the process was very easy to do on line. I just scanned everything into my computer and emailed the paperwork to Pet Plan Claims Dept. It took about 3 months of visits to have the pins put in her knee and recovery. Then she had to have them taken bac

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Patella surgery w/implant
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Over $1000

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