I'm truly thankful for having Trupanion!

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Over a year ago, my dog and I were involved with Strut Your Mut in Los Angeles. I raised money and my Sophie & I were planning to walk for this charity. We never did complete the walk because Sophie started acting weird. I left the ever to take her to her vet and while we were stuck in L.A. traffic, her breathing became awful. By the time we got to the emergency hospital, Sophie was unconscious! The vet brought her back to life and told me how sick she was. I had no idea what a heat stroke would appear like in a dog. I felt horrible. After 6 days (2 in the ICU) in the hospital, and $9K later, Sophie was fully recovered. If I didn't have Trupanion covering 90% of the bill, I would have to had made that awful decision all pet parents dread to make. Sophie is kept out of the sun and heat and I let other pet parents know about HS when I see their pet suffering in the Cali sun, especially during our summer months! I'm not surprised at how many do not know how to tell if their dog is going through the first stages of HS!

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Heat stroke/heart attack/certain organs failing
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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