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I've had Pets Best Insurance for about 5-6 years for my dog and cat. I came to pet health insurance late in our lives and wish I had insured my cat and dog with Pets Best from Day One. Cat Linus was about 12 years old and German Shepherd Dog Tamu was 10 when we began our policies. As they advanced in age, premiums did increase, though it was worth every penny. I never second-guessed my health care decisions because I knew I had Pets Best in my corner to cover any financial concerns. When I made decisions for treatment, it was always for the best interest of my animal family members. Decisions came from my mind and heart -- and not from my wallet. For me, this was the most valued benefit from Pets Best Insurance. Plus, claim processing is quick and convenient; customer service is compassionate and knowledgeable. There were a couple of claim denials that I appealed and won. Sometimes you just have to provide extra information for your case, especially when it comes to pre-exisitng conditions for older animals. When my pets passed, Pets Best reimbursed me for the costs of humane euthanasia, which softened even the most difficult of choices. Thank you Pets Best!

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Domestic Shorthair

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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