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I took the "gift of insurance" for the first month after adopting my dog, then purchased a plan when the month was up. During the second month, my dog was getting really ill; at first it seemed to be fairly common/non-serious ailments but he just kept getting sicker and it took a couple of weeks before he was actually diagnosed with a serious fungal infection at an emergency vet hospital. My dog - who seemed normal and healthy while at the shelter and when I adopted him - ended up dying in the hospital, less than TWO MONTHS after I adopted him. it was traumatizing. And of course, 24PetWatch made everything worse by denying the bulk of the costs. I paid about $2600 for the hospital bills (that's not including the previous costs I paid to the regular vet, which weren't insignificant). And this ridiculous company did rejected my claim because they deemed it a "pre-existing" condition. Similar to a couple other reviewers, the 14/15-day grace period was what screwed me over. Even though he wasn't diagnosed with the illness until AFTER that grace period was over, they found whatever they could in his records to point to symptoms he had shown previously. He had had a few prior, minor ailments and yes he had minor symptoms for those- but this was a very serious illness that was not detectable until later, AFTER the grace period. I disputed it and the vets wrote letters supporting the dispute and describing WHY it did not make sense to classify it as a pre-existing condition. These are doctors who know what they're talking about, but to a company like this, that doesn't matter. They rejected it again, maintaining their ridiculous arguments. I put some blame on myself for not having done enough research prior to choosing an insurance company . because if I had, I never would have chosen this joke of a company, based on tons of poor reviews. They make a big show of be SO CARING and so helpful when you sign up. but if/when things happen, good luck. you'd be so much better off choosing another company. you'd probably even be better off with no pet insurance at all, rather than use 24petwatch. at least then you wouldn't be throwing monthly payments at them only to be given absolutely nothing in return. Oh yeah, like some other customers, I also experienced them claiming they never received a claim or a claim dispute -- despite my vet office saying all the faxes they sent went through. So please please please don't use this worthless company -- don't make my mistake of n

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