8/20/15 Our boxer, Elsa bece very ill.

Out of 10

Elsa became lethargic, stopped drinking, eating, could barely walk and her body was going in to a V shape. Our vet treated it as if it was possibly Menengitis. She placed her on an antibiotic and was getting better. After a month she started with the same systems. She recommended a Spinal Tap and MRI. Sure enough it is Menengitis from her immune system. Paying up front and filing the claim has been great. It usually takes about 3-4 weeks to be reimbursed. You receive an email once Embrace receives the paper work and through the entire process from when Embrace sends your check to reimburse you. We are grateful for affordable pet insurance. Your pet is treated, as if Embrace is part of your family. I will never go without pet insurance ever again.

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