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About4 years ago we had to put our wonderful, much loved German shepherd/husky to sleep because of cancer..he was 13 years old but because he was just like part of the family, we had decided to do whatever we could for him. They did surgery on him which cost us 4,000 out of pocket and even though we held out hope, he only lived 3 months more after the surgery.We were aware that it may not cure him, but we had to try.One year later we adopted a dog out of the aspca who was only 3 months old. After going through what we did the last time I decided I would only have another pet if I could afford the insurance.We chose Embrace insurance from the beginning and haven't been sorry since! It is the best thing we could have done for our puppy, and for ourselves. We adopted a 3 month old husky/shepherd again, who was playful and energetic.But when he turned 18 months old we noticed he was lame in one leg. We took him to the vet and after x-rays he was diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia. He has since had to be on daily medicines and routine 6 moth lab work, and at some point he will need hip replacements. Embrace was extremely good at covering everything they said they would allowed in our plan. What a great help this has been! We receive our refund very promptly and if I ever have any questions I call their offie and am always treated with a friendly courteous voice. The BEST thing I could have done for our dog Loki is to cover him with Embrace pet insurance. I know in the future surgery will be necessary, but we can rest at ease because we have EMBRACE helping us through t!

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hip dysplashia at 18 months old
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$100 - $500

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1 - 8

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