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Four years, ago when my other Jack Russell died, I seriously considered pet insurance for the very first time. I had always thought it too expensive. For my other dog, who was 11 yrs. old, I had incurred $21,000 in expenses. So I enrolled Annie at the age of 7 in the 90% covered plan. I had researched it so carefully. For the first year, nothing. Since then $1,000's - probably $10,000. Annie a relatively healthy dog, got serious allergic problems to everything - costing $4,000 in dog dermatologist bills, cutting edge meds, etc. Recently, potential cancer that turned out to be a benign tumor (that could have killed her if left untreated) - $5,500 and many other lesser conditions. Healthy Paws always sent me the reimbursement within days, they sent personal letters inquiring about Annie's health and never fail to send birthday and other holiday cards to her. They never terminate her insurance due to her significantly high expenses, nor raise the price of insurance. Obviously, we have gotten significantly more than we have paid. As a medical professional, I seek the best medical care for my dog and that costs - Healthy Paws never hesitates to pay. I love Healthy Paws!

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Skin problem


intestinal, etc.
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Over $1000

Jack Russell Terrier

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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