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Where do I begin? PetPlan has insured both of our dogs for many years. We had pet insurance with a different company for about 3 years before we signed up with PetPlan. On this first plan, they would find any reason not to cover a claim. Each body system had a limit as to how much would be covered. We finally went over the limit with one of our dogs. That's when I did some serious investigation and comparison shopping on plans.We have a 10 year old Maltipoo and an 8 year old toy poodle. Both of them have had knee surgeries and ACL surgeries. They have also had multiple rounds of physical therapy, accupuncture,lazer therapy, and stem cell treatment. All have been covered. We chose the Gold Plan because we really seem to need it. We take great care of our dogs, but they are prone to so many ailments. My older dog sees a cardiologist for his heart valve disease, an internist for his gall bladder stone, and an ophthalmologist for his cataract. Both of them suffer from frequent UTI infections and sensitive stomachs. Even though they spend a lot of time in the Vet's office, they lead happy and active lives. We are able to keep them happy due to their great health care. Thank you Brittany Irvin for putting up with all of my calls to you to check on claims. I am very grateful for your kindness, understanding, and quick response to every claim. You are an Angel and so efficient. I don't know what I would do without you. PetPlan has one special person working for them. Thank you Fabrece for selling me the policy and taking my calls. I recommend your company to all of my friends.

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