Renewal increase of $87.20 lost me

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I have had a disappointing experience with the administration at petplan. Just taking a credit card payment monthly proved too much of a challenge for them. I was mailed a notice informing me my coverage had been cancelled due to non payment. It was an administrative issue having to do with zeros???? It continued to happen even after they identified the problem. Petplan increased my premium by 87.20 without notice. When I called customer service to discuss it there was no apology for not informing me. I was basically called a liar because their automated system couldn't possibly have forgotten to inform me. The human touch was definitely missing. I was told the increase was due to my dog's age (he is only 7) and that the premium will go up every year automatically regardless of claims history.
I had thought I was dealing with a Canadian company but my calls were always received states side. After almost 2 years with Petplan I cancelled my plan and chose a truly Canadian company with much better rates and policies. My premiums will not increase. The deductible options rates increase every 5th year as my dog ages instead. There is a veterinary helpline for pet parents, support forums and many other extras I have not seen elsewhere.
I have made 2 claims with Petplan. Because Petplan's deductible is per incident and not annually The reimbursement amount was negligible. I found it was not worth the premiums I paid. I am happy there are people having positive experiences with Petplan but I was not one of them. I am glad I switched.

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