VPI not so good!

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Had some trouble with VPI from the beginning of signing up with them 2 years back. They denied my first claim on the grounds that it was "too soon," it was made about 2 months after my insurance began and was not for anything very big or serious, just a short-term ear infection. VPI claimed, initially, that they had not got my dog's veterinary records. This was not true, he was a rescue dog from Bideawee, Manhattan, NYC. and all of the information that the well reputed, animal hospital there had been made available to VPI. Bideawee vets had watched him for health problems for several weeks before being deeming him ready for adoption. There were no pre-existing health problems. In the subsequent 2 years VPI has always been very slow and seemingly very grudging about reimbursements. Now this small, Chihuahua-mix, rescue dog will turn 4 years old this September, 2015, but VPI has already seen fit to start charging me the addition $5.00 a month fee since June. This additional fee is for a dog that's 4 years old. A phone call by me to VPI re this produced nothing but a rather arrogant, negative response. Lastly, VPI has an on-line magazine for it's customers that I'm unable to download on my Mac computer, (I'm not sure why this is,) but again a call to VPI about it was met with a "not our problem" attitude! My request for a possible hard-copy edition was flatly turned down.

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Ear Problem

Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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