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What I can say other than Amazing!?
From day one Healthy Paws has been top notch and gone above and beyond in every facet! They are quick to respond to any inquires, helpful, quick to process claims and send reimbursement checks. We've never had an issue with a claim and they have covered everything they've stated they'd cover when we first signed up 3 years ago!

They've been simply great to work with, they've covered large claims from our dogs' MPL surgery (over $4,000), to small claims, like RX (antibiotics, pain relievers, etc...) and everything in between. They recently covered our dogs' root canal on a fractured pre-molar ($1,400). We don't hesitant to take our dog into the vet for anything with Healthy Paws covering her. Even without coverage we'd still take her in for care, but having Healthy Paws insurance makes things easier.

I can't recommend them enough, in fact I recommend them regularly to co-workers, friends and others. I work at a company that manufacturers VetMed based products and we deal with Vet Clinics, patients and pretty much anyone else in the Vet industry and I recommend them any chance I get.

You won't be unsatisfied with Healthy Paws

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Root Canal on Fractured 4th Pre-Molar
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Australian Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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