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Healthy Paws Pet Insurance is worth every penny - do not waste time and purchase it! We have both of our dogs on Healthy Paws for years (after being on a different one) and most of the time we didn't use it all - but hey, that's what insurance is.
This year however we have had to unfortunately use the insurance and I can't even begin to share how wonderful the entire experience is - from the best customer service representatives, to the speedy claims being processed and paid there is no better pet insurance out there. They just came out with an app for both Apple and Android and as soon as you get that big bill from the vet, snap a picture and submit the claim and you'll have a check within a week; I wish human insurance was like that!

Our dog is on the road to recovery and we know that no matter what is needed to help our little pup there will be no worries because we not only have pet insurance, but the best one out there! Thank you!

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Diabetes; cataracts
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Yorkshire Terrier

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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