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When I got my puppy 4 years ago, I thought it would be a great idea to get insurance so that money would never factor into his health care decisions. I got a quote and it seemed very reasonable. My assumption is the younger you start your animals insurance policy, the more cost effective it will be as the company will have more years of premiums to offset the more likely costs in the dogs later years. Unless you read through the contract after you've already signed up, it's not clear that it's an annual contract subject to renewal at a higher rate without notice. The third year of my contract was a 10% increase and year four was a 15% increase. I'd like to know how many of their customers get 10-15% pay increases a year or how they manage their expenses when they increase at that rate. I'd suggest that before signing up one of their plans, you get a quick quote for each year of your pets life by changing the birth date and a quick estimate of the total cost of insurance over the life of the pet. Will you be able to afford the monthly premium in years 10-15 when they've tripled at the 10 year mark and increase six fold at the 15 year mark. Assuming that your pet doesn't have repeated major injuries or illnesses, it's my opinion that You'd be far better putting this money in a savings account and hoping that You never need it, but knowing it's there if you would. In the event that your dog lives a long happy life and dies of natural causes, you'll have several thousand dollars in the bank.

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