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My GSD started to limp a little over a holiday weekend which quickly got worse. i had thought he had sprained his leg but then he developed a fever. the vets thought he had lyme disease. his rbc coint was low and his spleen was enlarged. he was in the hospital 1 day and 1 night. the vets put him on antibiotics and ran tests for infectious disease and did a biopsy of his spleen. he however started bleeding internally overnight ( from biopsy ) and we lost him. the tests came back AFTER he was already gone which showed he had a hystiocystic sarcoma of the spleen which i understand is not covered but so the entire 2700 bill was denied. i dont think this is fair. i could understand if once diagnosis was made any further treatment would be on me but not before that point. what was i supposed to do. euthanise him when it could have been lyme disease? he was only 6. no prior injuries or illnesses. have been paying insurance since he was 8 weeks old

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