Disappointed -Always find a way to reject my claim

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I purchased my dog insurance policy before I even got the puppy at 8 weeks old. I didn't go for the cheapest plan and had opted in a few upgrade, got a vet to do a throughout body check to make sure there was no pre-existing condition, release all medication record to them as soon as I got the puppy. I was hoping that his health with be covered. However, my puppies had sensitive stomach and throw up multiple time, got lips infection, had slight skin infection, and blocked tear duct in the last year. Pet plan ALWAYS find a way to avoid reimbursing. One time I had a vet bill of $600. Pet plan manage to break the bill into 3 portions so that each of them is under $200 so they don't have to pay me anything because my plan is $200 deductible. Another time, my puppy had a serious kennel cough, diarrhea, and it was also time to get a vaccine so i did all at once. Pet plan said that since there is a vaccine item so this is considered regular check up/prevention so they refuse to reimburse the medication. I am extremely disappointed.

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Eye problem

Skin problem


and lip infection
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

American Eskimo Dog

Age of Pet
Under a year

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