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I had only insured my cat since January 2015 and in late March, our cat had trouble urinating. He could urinate, but only small amounts; I took him to the Specialty Hospital thinking he was blocked; but it turned out that he had bladder stones. He spent the night in the hospital to monitor his urination in case the stones caused a blockage and there was some back and forth whether they take him to surgery or try diet first. The diet was recommended and he did not care for it, so we had a feeding tube placed to keep him on the special diet to try and avoid a much bigger surgery. Within a couple of days, he had an infection and some lung inflammation, he then spent another night in the hospital. He is doing well now, but has also had several rechecks and recheck ultrasounds by the specialist.
In the beginning there were some issues with Embrace, whether they had received all the paperwork and prior veterinary records and that took some time to sort out and was a bit frustrating. While going through it I wasn't impressed with Embrace, and it being the first time EVER that I filed a claim for pet insurance with any company and being wary of insurance companies in general, it made me nervous, but since then they have acknowledged every claim within two days and paid within a week of making the claim.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with Embrace. In between all of my kitty's bladder problems, he also ate some plastic and started vomiting. I rushed him to the vet for ultrasound etc and again it was all covered without any complaints from Embrace and they paid promptly.

As of the problems starting I have paid Embrace $66- in premiums and received back in excess of $3100-.

This kitty had other medical issues unrelated to his bladder issues and there was some question whether we bother insuring him at all, but for piece of mind we did and given he is only 4yo, I really didn't expect anything else to go wrong with him for years, but it was money well spent.

Once you get all of your veterinary records into Embrace, I found them to be extremely fast in acknowledging and paying claims. I've had other cats insured with them and even though we've only had to claim on one cat, it's more than paid for multiple years of premiums for all the cats and I often think how lucky we are that we made the decision to insure out cats.

Also, if in the future, our cat does get blocked and need a surgery to unblock his urethra or remove the stones if they look l

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