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I signed up for the puppy plan with Banfield at my local Petsmart because it included a neuter. The vet there, Dr CAUDRY told me she assumed my dogs testicles were twisted in his abdomen and I would have to pay $180 that my puppy plan did not cover just for surgery. The procedure was supposed to be 7 min long with one small incision. She could not find his testicles so proceeded to do a 2 hour exploratory surgery in his abdomen without any of my consent. After the fact my dog could not walk for 4 days and would barely eat or drink anything from the pain. He then got a massive infection that could have killed him which resulted in $150 worth of medication. TOTAL already paying $330 for a service we did not even receive- a neuter. When emailing Banfield and asking for a refund for a procedure we paid for and didnt receive anything but a very sick dog they just forwarded the email to DR CAUDRY who proceeded to make snide remarks and argue with us on the phone about how she's "sorry finances are so tight" but that does not give me the right to a refund. HAVING AN EXPLORATORY SURGERY WITHOUT CONSENT FROM THE OWNERS WHICH GAVE THE DOG A MAJOR INFECTION gives them the right to a well-deserved refund. THEN Dr CAUDRY tells us we need a testosterone test ($100) and another procedure done!!! He has too much scar tissue to even go under for surgery again for another 6 mo-1 year. DR CAUDRY then says she does not want to deal with this anymore and sends us to the Regional vet over her. The regional offers us a full refund on 11-11-15 then calls the next day 11-12-15 to revoke that offer. COMPLETELY AND ABSOLUTELY THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL PEOPLE I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH!!! I will warn every person I know to stay FAR AWAY! This happened at Petsmart in Yukon, OK. STILL nothing resolved.

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