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Living in the age of information can be overwhelming, every day it seems like information is being thrown at us, whether it's print, TV/radio, internet, social media, etc... We get strong opinions shoved our way that we never asked for that add to the confusion- pet insurance being no different. Do get your dog pet insurance; don't waste money on that! Who's right? What if it IS a waste of money?? Ultimately, we listened to our intuition and opted for a pet insurance policy with VPI, but naturally we had to wonder if it really was money well-spent. What if he never needs it; he's young and healthy. Roughly 3 years later we would find that we needed our policy not once, but twice. Both instances were several months apart and untreated to each other, but both came at times when having hundreds of dollars in vet bills couldn't have been more problematic; IF we didn't have the VPI policy. Submitting a claim was easy, I wasn't sure if every items was something covered or not, but VPI does all the reviewing for you. Within a couple of weeks we received checks and everything fell into place nicely. I no longer have the doubt about whether pet insurance is worth it or not; it is. We've since gotten a kitten, he too has his own policy now.

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small fracture & abnormal tumor
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Border Collie

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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