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Having had two Dobermans over past decades, each pet developing critical illnesses in the last 2 years of their lives (up to ages 13 and 9½ respectively), we are acutely aware of the thousands of dollars required to provide proper and kind care for our dear pets. So we immediately acquired pet insurance when we adopted our 8-week-old Standard Manchester Terrier in 2011. As pensioners, we needed pet insurance coverage in case of any further critical and catastrophic illnesses or accidents like we had endured with our previous pets. Before selecting a pet insurance company to suit our specific needs and budget, I made thorough comparisons with other companies. We also received from our vet a recommendation to enroll with Trupanion. Trupanion appeared to us to be the most economical, reasonable, and caring company.
Our experience with Trupanion’s service: exceptionally prompt responses and detailed updates during the claims process; supportive messages at worrisome times; very fair and really fast payments (cheques issued within only a few days from the date of claiming!); no hassles like those too often received from most human insurance companies; very friendly and clear explanations in reply to any questions whatsoever, whether by email or phone.

Every time at the local dog park or elsewhere when someone mentions pet insurance, I highly recommend Trupanion to them. I provide other pet lovers with my summary about how the plan works and about how excellent the Trupanion website is where they can easily see for themselves the terms and can quickly estimate the costs to suit their own needs. This endorsement of Trupanion service happens quite often, even in our visits to veterinarians. I am a highly satisfied customer and, as you can see, an active advocate of Trupanion.

Unfortunately, our Manchester has had two conditions (anal gland abscess; liver toxicity) during the past year that required us to request assistance from Trupanion, but fortunately we were enrolled for their insurance coverage.

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(1)Anal abscess; (2) liver toxicity.
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Manchester Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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