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We truly love embrace pet insurance and would highly recommend it to anyone. we have 4 fur babies, 3 of which are with Embrace (2 dogs and 1 cat) and one of the dogs developed diabetes 3 month after signing up with Embrace and they have paid every one of our claims without missing a beat. Going into our 2nd year now. I don't think twice when my vet feels we are off on the diabetic treatment to suggest a test, a glucose check because I know we are covered and its the BEST for my pet. My vet contributes our well being as a diabetic to embrace because I can care much better for my pet knowing we don't have to worry about cost and it shows in his treatments and outcome so far!! I have many times, where I make the initiative with my vet to run a certain test just to make sure we are on level just because I know we have insurance and I'm gonna be ok. I never think twice if my pets need any kind of treatment because I know with embrace on my side we are the best team for my pets and I can go to sleep at night knowing in their little world everything will be ok no matter how big or little of a problem will arrise. Such a lifesaver, timesaver and peace of mind for a very little cost. Oh and I love the personalized phone calls when I need to talk to someone about our account, just amazing!!! By far the best and only the best is good enough for us and should be for you too!! 99% of my claims have been handled in under 24/hr with reimbursement in my checking account within 24/h after that... !!

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Lhasa Apso

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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