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This was by far the biggest rip off and nightmare. Encountered several problems throughout my one year with the wellness plan. When I finally reached my year and called to cancel, the lady tells me that I've been paying for a neutering plan for my 13 year old dog that I never signed up for! She apologized and said I could contact the hospital and have it removed from my plan so that my last payment will be a little less, needless to say that was total BULL. The hospital said no changes could be made so I called customer service back and a new lady gave me a completely different answer. I was so fed up I just said goodbye and hung up, THANK GOD my year with these greedy idiots are over! They will tell you whatever they want to get you to sign up and to keep you. I paid over $90 a month! And SHOCKING, when I called to cancel they told me they can decrease my payments to $47 a month instead so I would stay, what a complete joke! That clearly shows you how much they've been ripping me off! It's just not worth it, I paid over $1,000 over the year for basically a teeth cleaning and flea medicine. Will take my business elsewhere!

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