Great coverage, premium hikes are absurd though

Out of 10

We have had pet insurance for our French bulldog since he was three months old. He has had one major surgery (brachycephalic airway surgery) and also a major ear infection caused by skin allergies. Both of these health issues would have cost us thousands of dollars out of pocket. Trupanion's coverage has saved us a ton of money. They pay their claims very quickly (usually I get a response within a day or two of the vet submitting the receipt and payment by check two weeks later) and we have never had an issue with getting reimbursed for his health issues. My one complaint with Trupanion is that their annual premium hikes are extremely high. We had the same rate for our first two years of coverage and as our policy is set to renew, our premium has increased by over twenty percent!! They claim that this is because of rising healthcare costs in our state (NY), but we haven't certainly noticed those level of increases. We would recommend Trupanion, but buyer should beware that your premiums can increase quite dramatically from year to year. For a dog prone to health issues like a French bulldog, pet insurance is an absolute must.

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brachycephalic airway surgery
Claim Amount
Over $1000

French Bulldog

Age of Pet
Under a year

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