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We have 3 dogs. Blue a 9yo lab, catahoula mix, Rudy 4 yo Pit Bull, and Rory 2 yo Pit Bull. Rudy and Rory are still young, healthy, and well cared for so we have had no serious accidents or injuries we have had to submit claims for. Blue on the other hand had some very serious health issues. She had a tumor on her parathyroid which was causing bladder stones and chronic uti. This required monthly vet visits, urine cultures, blood work, x rays, antibiotic. Special diet to deal with the bladder stones. In December, 2012 Blue went to Colonial Veterinary Hospital in Ithaca,NY for surgery to remove the tumor. That was a $3,500.00 surgery, that after sending well over $1,000 on diagnosis and treatments for UTI's. She remained on her special diet until June, 2013 when it was discovered that all the small bladder stones were gone but there were 2 enormous ones that would have to be surgically removed...the cost of that surgery was $1,300.00 again following months of treatments for UTI's. I would say altogether we spent close to $10,000.00 on diagnosis, treatment and surgeries. The ASPCA Health Insurance plan was there paying Blue's bills the entire time! We were delighted that we had made the decision to purchase the plan. My vet asked me what I thought about the ASPCA insurance and I told her how good they were. She now has their fliers in her office and recommends it to all her patients. We now have a happy, very healthy, active 11 yo Blue! Her vet is amazed at how healthy and active she is considering she is a large breed.

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tumor on parathyroid, bladder stones
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