Petplan is giving us extra time with Angel!

Out of 10

This is the only insurance company that actually keeps up their end of the bargain! PetPlan gives us the ability to make choices for our pets based on what is best for them and not on cost. Working in a veterinary office I sadly see animals euthanized due to lack of savings for expensive but necessary treatment. We have had pet plan for 5 years with 3 dogs and a cat and I can say without pet plan they none of them would be with us today. Thomas the cat developed urinary obstruction and was saved with an emergency procedure on a Saturday morning and we paid only $50, instead of over $1000. Gracie a playful mixed breed has torn her ACL, and narrowly survived a strange lymphoma type illness after weeks of hospitalization. Sweetie the Dachshund was patched back together after being attacked by a loose dog on a walk. Angel our 12 year old sweet mixed breed has been fighting cancer for the past year. She was in remission for several months and has already lived 9 months longer than originally expected and is still being treated with chemo and feeling great. Her treatment has been thousands of dollars and we never would have been able to do this for her with out pet plan. I keep track and Pet plan pays exactly their share every time, and there is no extra fees or raising your premiums so high you cant afford it when your pet gets sick. We tried another pet insurance company before pet plan and the first time we sent a claim in after years of premiums they denied and said it might have been related to a preexisting condition.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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