Iffy at first, but glad I stuck around

Out of 10

I've been with Petfirst since a couple of months after I brought home my puppy in 2009. After having recently lost an elderly dog, I knew that the expenses were something that could catch you off guard, and I had also come close to losing a very young dog many years ago who ran into the road and was hit by a car. Anything can happen, so it's better to prepare ahead of time. I had a bit of trouble getting my coverage adjusted after I adopted a kitten from my vet two years later. There had been some changes with the insurance regulations in my state (including veterinary insurance) and I was getting nothing but attitude and then the Petfirst's customer service reps were hanging up on me, I think because they thought I was not reading my account number fast enough or reading my address fast enough, they were very rude. What made this worse was that I could only make one call each day and speak to a human being, and if I called back the same day, I would only get thrown from taped message to taped message and then disconnected again. I'm a small business owner, so I reached out to one of the board members and he put me in touch with someone who put me in touch with a sales rep and I got everything I wanted. I think they're doing their best to improve customer satisfaction, so far, so good!

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