A wonderful service that I recommend to everyone.

Out of 10

So I've had Petplan for my pup ever since I got him, I don't tend to have much/any extra cash and the idea of not being able to help him if the worst happened was a huge concern, the other reason I ended up choosing Petplan over others was the fact that they cover breed specific issues (with my little guy being a dachshund back problems can be common). Thankfully the only times I've needed to call on Petplan were both minor issues (bug bite reaction and a sprained shoulder) but Petplan worked with me and resolved everything in much less time then I was expecting. They'ver always been wonderful on the phone and helpful in all respects.

I've recommended the plan to many friends and family and all have had equally good experiences (and most have forgotten to mention I sent them so I haven't made much in the way of referrals, drat)

Long story short, I'm very happy that I went with Petplan all those years ago and I'll be staying with them for hopefully many years to come.

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injured by an overly excited dog
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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